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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William Shakespeare, 253 books
Jane Austen, 27 books
Abigail Reynolds, 11 books
Henry James Jr., 8 books
Anthony Trollope, 7 books
Ruoquan Wu, 7 books
Mario Vargas Llosa, 6 books
John Fletcher, 5 books
Joy Browne, 5 books
Charles Lamb, 4 books
Thales de Azevedo, 4 books
Cora Harrison, 4 books
Gregory J. P. Godek, 4 books
Thomas W. McKnight, 4 books
Nicole Jordan, 4 books
Cathy Hopkins, 3 books
Holly Wardlow, 3 books
Dean M. Busby, 3 books
Thomas Hardy, 3 books
Mark Twain, 3 books
Tamar Avidar, 3 books
William L. Coleman, 3 books
Nancy L. Van Pelt, 3 books
John Cotgrave, 3 books
Benjamin Franklin, 3 books


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