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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Caroline Young, 15 books
Sue Townsend, 15 books
Bruce Weinstein, 11 books
Rick Rodgers, 6 books
JoAnna M. Lund, 6 books
Ellen Brown, 6 books
Leanne Ely, 5 books
Wayne Gisslen, 5 books
delicious, 5 books
Rhonda Lauret Parkinson, 4 books
Sharon Tyler Herbst, 4 books
Todd Wilbur, 4 books
Donna Klein, 4 books
Marie-Annick Courtier, 4 books
Elizabeth David, 4 books
Edie Hand, 3 books
Mark Victor Hansen, 3 books
Joan D'Amico, 3 books
Nava Atlas, 3 books
Emeril Lagasse, 3 books
Ruth Reichl, 3 books
Carol Lee Fenster, 3 books
Barry Sears, 3 books
Anthony Giglio, 3 books
Wendy Louise, 3 books


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