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  • The Fifth Generation by Edward A. Feigenbaum
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    A directory of library and information retrieval software for microcomputers by Hilary Dyer
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    A few good men from Univac by David E. Lundstrom
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    The rise of the computer state by Burnham, David
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    Computers and data processing by H. L. Capron
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    Reliable computer systems by Daniel P. Siewiorek
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    Myst by Rick Barba, Rusel DeMaria
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    Sentinel 2030 by V. J. Kilborn
    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy
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    I Love Ruby by
    Starship Titanic by Neil Richards
    Doom Battlebook by Rick Barba

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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Rusel DeMaria, 4 books
Rick Barba, 3 books
Joseph Grant Bell, 3 books
Syngress Media, 2 books
Kevin D. Mitnick, 2 books
Peter O'Hearn, 2 books
Robert Tennent, 2 books
Bruce Peat, 2 books
Ritchie, David, 2 books
Javier F. Kuong, 1 book
Michael Quick, 1 book
James Campbell, 1 book
Shawn P. Wallace, 1 book
Tracy Fullerton, 1 book
Cara Brookins, 1 book
Mike Fay, 1 book
Michael Bremer, 1 book
Harry Newton, 1 book
Jane Laino, 1 book
Robert Steven Ledley, 1 book
Peter Spear, 1 book
Chris Jensen, 1 book
Daniel P. Siewiorek, 1 book
Neil Richards, 1 book
Matthew J. Costello, 1 book


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