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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gérard de Lairesse, 9 books
Duane Preble, 9 books
Arthur W. Dow, 7 books
Paul Klee, 7 books
Henry Rankin Poore, 6 books
Patrick Frank, 6 books
Jan Herring, 4 books
Sarah Preble, 4 books
J. H. de Groot, 3 books
Jose Llobera, 3 books
Donald W. Graham, 3 books
Erle Loran, 3 books
Jay Hambidge, 3 books
Boris Andreevich Uspenskiĭ, 3 books
Gyorgy Kepes, 3 books
Étienne Gilson, 3 books
E. H. Gombrich, 3 books
Diane Solvang- Angell, 3 books
Placide Gaboury, 3 books
Theo van Doesburg, 2 books
Bruno Ernst, 2 books
John Vredenburgh Van Pelt, 2 books
Joseph A. Gatto, 2 books
Gino Severini, 2 books
Burnet, John, 2 books


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