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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Daniel Miller, 7 books
Lee Thayer, 6 books
Tony Alessandra, 6 books
Michael J. O'Connor, 6 books
Janice Van Dyke, 6 books
Lynn H. Turner, 5 books
Shriram Venkatraman, 4 books
Brenda Dervin, 3 books
Arthur Jensen, 3 books
Teri K Gamble, 3 books
Judy Maguire, 3 books
Donald Lumsden, 3 books
Tricia S. Jones, 3 books
Richard L. West, 3 books
John K. Brilhart, 3 books
Gloria J. Galanes, 3 books
Gay Lumsden, 3 books
Joseph P. Folger, 3 books
Michael Gamble, 3 books
Carole Spitzack, 2 books
Graham Murdock, 2 books
Jolene Koester, 2 books
Paul Beaud, 2 books
Lynn Turner, 2 books
Leslie Haddon, 2 books


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