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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Compute! Publications, Inc, 8 books
Peter Gerrard, 5 books
Ian R. Sinclair, 5 books
Lawrence, David, 5 books
David D. Busch, 4 books
John Heilborn, 4 books
Hal Renko, 4 books
Nick Hampshire, 3 books
Claire Bailey Passantino, 3 books
Nevin B. Scrimshaw, 3 books
Gary Phillips, 3 books
Tom Rugg, 3 books
Richard G. Peddicord, 3 books
Michael Orkin, 3 books
Henry Mullish, 2 books
Geof Wheelwright, 2 books
Tim Hartnell, 2 books
Stan Krute, 2 books
Fred D'Ignazio, 2 books
Frederick E. Mosher, 2 books
Susan Sutphin, 2 books
I. Kalisky, 2 books
Dan Heeb, 2 books
Gordon, John, 2 books
David Highmore, 2 books


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