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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Rubin, David M., 4 books
Guy Hart-Davis, 4 books
Tony Fabbri, 4 books
Timothy Orr Knight, 4 books
Andrew Hagerman, 3 books
Mary Plummer, 3 books
Mike Collins, 3 books
David M. Golden, 3 books
Roman Petelin, 3 books
Yury Petelin, 3 books
Roger Derry, 3 books
David Nahmani, 3 books
Bob LeVitus, 3 books
Victoria Camp, 3 books
Steve A. Money, 3 books
Ivan Luk, 3 books
Patrick Smith, 3 books
Steve De Furia, 3 books
Moore, Herb, 2 books
Walt Gehman, 2 books
David Franz, 2 books
Kleber Stephenson, 2 books
Chris Adamson, 2 books
Scott Kelby, 2 books
Brent Edstrom, 2 books


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