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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bill Gibson, 11 books
Bobby Owsinski, 10 books
John Watkinson, 8 books
Michael Talbot-Smith, 8 books
David Miles Huber, 7 books
Francis Rumsey, 7 books
John Borwick, 6 books
Jeff Strong, 6 books
Glen Ballou, 6 books
Bruce Bartlett, 6 books
Paul White, 6 books
Stanley R. Alten, 5 books
Craig Anderton, 5 books
E. G. M. Alkin, 5 books
Tomlinson Holman, 5 books
Alec Nisbett, 5 books
Paul White, 5 books
Mitch Gallagher, 4 books
Ashley Shepherd, 4 books
Andrew Hagerman, 4 books
Ira White, 4 books
David Nahmani, 4 books
Geoffrey Francis, 4 books
David Mellor, 4 books
Jay Rose, 4 books


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