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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Noriyuki Konishi, 19 books
Peter Braun, 16 books
Tran Duy Ly, 14 books
Donald De Carle, 13 books
F. J. Britten, 12 books
Eric Bruton, 10 books
Alfred Chapuis, 9 books
Wallace Nutting, 8 books
Cooksey Shugart, 8 books
Roy Ehrhardt, 8 books
Harold Caleb Kelly, 7 books
Steven G. Conover, 7 books
Anton Kreuzer, 7 books
Derek Roberts, 7 books
Klaus Maurice, 7 books
Christiaan Huygens, 6 books
Ferdinand Berthoud, 6 books
Herbert Alan Lloyd, 6 books
Henry B. Fried, 6 books
Karl Kochmann, 6 books
Richard E. Gilbert, 6 books
Brian Loomes, 6 books
F. J Britten, 6 books
Eric Smith, 6 books
Cedric Jagger, 5 books


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