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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Richard E. Gilbert, 6 books
Cooksey Shugart, 6 books
Tom Engle, 6 books
John Wilding, 5 books
Tyler, E. J., 4 books
Brian Loomes, 4 books
William Derham, 4 books
Eric Bruton, 3 books
François Jequier, 3 books
James W. Gibbs, 3 books
Hans Jendritzki, 3 books
Franco Cologni, 3 books
Frost & Sullivan., 3 books
R. W. Symonds, 3 books
Abbott, Henry G., 3 books
Nelson, John A., 3 books
Theodore R. Crom, 3 books
Chris H. Bailey, 2 books
Ferdinand Berthoud, 2 books
Herbert Alan Lloyd, 2 books
Fernando Landeira, 2 books
Eugène Jaquet, 2 books
Tsunoyama, Sakae, 2 books
Alfred Chapuis, 2 books
Sten Bertil Lundwall, 2 books


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