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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Herbert Jüttemann, 3 books
Mimi Schwartz, 2 books
Hermann Schilli, 2 books
Johannes Künzig, 2 books
Martin Gerbert, 2 books
Karl Kochmann, 2 books
Fred Scholz, 2 books
Angelika Schwabe, 2 books
Gerhard W. Baur, 1 book
Rudolf Metz, 1 book
Volker Himmelein, 1 book
Karlheinz Ebert, 1 book
Richter, Georg, 1 book
V. S. Kabakov, 1 book
Helmuth Kainer, 1 book
Max Rieple, 1 book
Tyler, E. J., 1 book
Charles Lallemand, 1 book
Dieter Göpfert, 1 book
Karl Hillenbrand, 1 book
Riedel, Hermann, 1 book
Rainer Gerber, 1 book
Karl Stahr, 1 book
Erwin Huxhold, 1 book
Kurt Fuchslocher, 1 book


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