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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Yuanlong Chen, 8 books
Yushu Zhang, 3 books
Yün-wu Wang, 3 books
Hua Zhang, 3 books
Wang, Yinglin, 2 books
Xun Ouyang, 2 books
Guangzu Zheng, 2 books
Xie, Jin, 2 books
Fang, Yizhi, 2 books
Hao Wang, 2 books
Yunwu Wang, 2 books
Fang Li, 2 books
Shang wu yin shu guan, 2 books
Ying-lin Wang, 2 books
Chae-sam Cho, 2 books
Huifang Wu, 2 books
Sanpin Wang, 2 books
Sadanushi Shigeno, 2 books
ʼBrug-mo-skyid, 1 book
Fang, Shiduo, 1 book
Giles, Lionel, 1 book
Zhuang, Fangrong., 1 book
Zhaozhe Xie, 1 book
Zhang, Guogan, 1 book
Gao, Cheng, 1 book


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