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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Louise L. Hay, 8 books
Peter Arnell, 5 books
Rose Assier Parvin, 5 books
Richard Bandler, 5 books
Brad Lamm, 4 books
Chester William Harris, 3 books
Marshall Vian Summers, 3 books
Jan Hendrik van den Berg, 3 books
Jagdish N. Sheth, 3 books
Chip Heath, 3 books
Arnold P. Goldstein, 3 books
Brook Noel, 3 books
Paul Watzlawick, 3 books
Marilyn Ferguson, 3 books
Frederick H. Kanfer, 2 books
Dennis Wholey, 2 books
Jane Pauley, 2 books
David B. Posen, 2 books
Mari Ruti, 2 books
Stuart Avery Gold, 2 books
Charles Stuart Platkin, 2 books
Rhonda Britten, 2 books
Cara DiMarco, 2 books
Gary Null, 2 books
Spencer Johnson, 2 books


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