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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
M. C. Beaton, 21 books
Ann Granger, 16 books
Nancy Atherton, 15 books
Edith Brill, 6 books
Mollie Harris, 5 books
Michael Spicer, 4 books
June R. Lewis, 3 books
H. J. Massingham, 3 books
Gordon Ottewell, 3 books
Eric R. Delderfield, 3 books
Sale, Richard, 3 books
Charles Hadfield, 2 books
Fiona Mountain, 2 books
Jane Bingham, 2 books
Archer, Fred., 2 books
Robert David Quixano Henriques, 2 books
Hugh Edward Page, 2 books
Christopher Knowles, 2 books
Hall, Michael, 2 books
Barbara Jane Zitwer, 2 books
Harris, Stanley, 2 books
Robin Whiteman, 2 books
Peter Titchmarsh, 2 books
Barbara Hooper, 2 books
Albion M. Urdank, 1 book


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