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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Harold Bloom, 6 books
Kermode, Frank, 5 books
Karen L. Kilcup, 4 books
Sava Sivriev, 4 books
Claudia Stockinger, 3 books
Alan Sinfield, 3 books
Italo Calvino, 3 books
Bill Henderson, 3 books
Isobel Armstrong, 3 books
Matthias Beilein, 3 books
Simone Winko, 3 books
Walter W. Skeat, 2 books
Nick Rennison, 2 books
Franklin, Benjamin, 2 books
David Madden, 2 books
John Rodden, 2 books
Janet Malcolm, 2 books
Jeanne Campbell Reesman, 2 books
Joan L. Brown, 2 books
Robert Lecker, 2 books
Annabel M. Patterson, 2 books
David Damrosch, 2 books
W. Ross Winterowd, 2 books
Virginia Blain, 2 books
Robert McClure Smith, 2 books


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