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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Diana Norman, 5 books
Rosemary Scott, 4 books
Franck Goddio, 4 books
Rosemary Rees, 4 books
Monique Crick, 4 books
Peter Lam, 4 books
Richard Scollins, 3 books
John Wilkinson, 3 books
Christopher Culpin, 3 books
Gale Group, 3 books
Michael Bagenal, 3 books
Kasinec, 3 books
Stacey Pierson, 3 books
C. King, 3 books
Susan J. Styles, 3 books
Alison Bagenal, 3 books
Carol Adams, 2 books
Neil Tonge, 2 books
Nigel Kelly, 2 books
Cathy Loxton, 2 books
Gordon Broderick, 2 books
Alan Vince, 2 books
Jennifer Brostrom, 2 books
W.A. Sibly, 2 books
M.D. Sibly, 2 books


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