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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Anne Tyler, 5 books
Sándor Hódi, 4 books
Ivana Acocella, 4 books
Mekuria Bulcha, 3 books
Young Yun Kim, 3 books
Hans Mol, 3 books
Thomas B. Hinton, 3 books
Gunilla Fincke, 3 books
Osama Abi-Mershed, 3 books
Raymond Breton, 3 books
Jacques Blum, 3 books
Sara Ahmed, 2 books
Vaughan Robinson, 2 books
Leo Eitinger, 2 books
Mimi Schwartz, 2 books
Karmela Liebkind, 2 books
Kenji Yoshino, 2 books
Jacob L. Vigdor, 2 books
DeWight R. Middleton, 2 books
Cesare Pinelli, 2 books
Carolus Reijnders, 2 books
Ruth Johnston, 2 books
William Spencer Bernard, 2 books
Ulderico Bernardi, 2 books
Carol Ann Bales, 2 books


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