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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Will Kymlicka, 16 books
Tariq Modood, 11 books
Peter Kivisto, 9 books
Craig Scott, 9 books
Ayelet Shachar, 9 books
Sheena Gillespie, 8 books
Ricard Zapata-Barrero, 7 books
Robert M. Shusta, 6 books
Robert Singleton, 6 books
Jocelyn Graeme, 6 books
Alain Gagnon, 6 books
Christian Joppke, 6 books
Joseph G. Ponterotto, 6 books
Lee Gardenswartz, 5 books
Steven Vertovec, 5 books
Bill Cope, 5 books
Ruth Fahlman, 5 books
May Henderson, 5 books
Larry May, 5 books
Dana, Richard H., 5 books
John Solomos, 5 books
Ruth Fahlman, 5 books
Samuel Arriarán, 5 books
Augie Fleras, 5 books
Mal Leicester, 5 books


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