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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bill Cope, 7 books
Stuart Hirschberg, 6 books
Robert Alan Dahl, 6 books
Arend Lijphart, 6 books
Terry Hirschberg, 5 books
M. G. Smith, 4 books
Margaret S. Nichols, 4 books
Jacqueline Jones, 4 books
William E. Connolly, 4 books
Vicki L. Ruiz, 4 books
Will Kymlicka, 4 books
Michael Walzer, 4 books
Elaine Tyler May, 4 books
Peter H. Wood, 4 books
Leo Kuper, 4 books
Ferran Requejo Coll, 4 books
Thomas Borstelmann, 4 books
Ehrlich, Stanisław., 3 books
Ulderico Bernardi, 3 books
Thomas R. Dye, 3 books
William Loren Katz, 3 books
Michael J. Perry, 3 books
Pope Benedict XVI, 3 books
Enid Lee, 3 books
Betsy Franco, 3 books


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