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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bruce M. Knauft, 6 books
Roberto Cardoso de Oliveira, 6 books
Egon Schaden, 6 books
Oscar Handlin, 5 books
Freyre, Gilberto, 5 books
Margaret Mead, 5 books
Warner, W. Lloyd, 4 books
Raymond William Firth, 4 books
Louise S. Spindler, 4 books
John H. Bodley, 4 books
Wade Davis, 4 books
Raimonda Mikatavage, 4 books
Oscar Lewis, 4 books
Anthony H. Richmond, 4 books
Philip Mayer, 3 books
John W. Berry, 3 books
Isaac Schapera, 3 books
Guy Hunter, 3 books
Arthur E. Hippler, 3 books
Sélim Abou, 3 books
Ernest Beaglehole, 3 books
John W. Connor, 3 books
Shirley W. Lee, 3 books
Deward E. Walker, 3 books
Suzan Ilcan, 3 books


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