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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Mark Fisher, 2 books
David R. Cole, 1 book
William R. Craft, 1 book
Graham Harman, 1 book
Rosa Ainley, 1 book
James King, 1 book
Eugene Thacker, 1 book
Richard Seymour, 1 book
Gilad Atzmon, 1 book
Bob Coyne - CRMC, 1 book
Mark Fisher, 1 book
Mark Fisher, 1 book
Michael Brooks, 1 book
Heather McRobie, 1 book
Owen Hatherley, 1 book
Ian Parker, 1 book
Nina Power, 1 book
Laurie Penny, 1 book
Robin James, 1 book
Rob Coley, 1 book
Dean Lockwood, 1 book
Patrick Doorly, 1 book
Robert Jackson, 1 book
Ivor Southwood, 1 book
Jacob Blumenfeld, 1 book

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