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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
William L. Barclay, 36 books
James L. Summers, 25 books
William Barclay, 25 books
Amelia Elizabeth Walden, 24 books
Archibald Macbride Hunter, 23 books
Emil Brunner, 23 books
Anne Emery, 23 books
Charles Rosenbury Erdman, 22 books
Phyllis A. Whitney, 21 books
Betty Cavanna, 20 books
Alexander Key, 19 books
James D. Smart, 18 books
Wayne Edward Oates, 17 books
John A. T. Robinson, 17 books
Oscar Cullmann, 16 books
Marjory Hall, 16 books
Robert McAfee Brown, 15 books
Pannenberg, Wolfhart, 15 books
Martin Luther, 12 books
Jean Calvin, 12 books
Adrien Stoutenburg, 11 books
Gordon D. Shirreffs, 11 books
Paul A. Hauck, 11 books
Phyllis Anderson Wood, 10 books
Dick Friendlich, 10 books

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