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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Time-Life Books, 1562 books
James Underwood Crockett, 37 books
Robert Wallace, 21 books
Jonathan Norton Leonard, 18 books
Dale Brown, 15 books
Time-Life, 13 books
Dale Brown, 12 books
Chuck Williams, 11 books
Joanne Weir, 11 books
Keith Wheeler, 11 books
Ronald H. Bailey, 11 books
Ogden Tanner, 11 books
Oliver E. Allen, 11 books
Feibleman, Peter S., 10 books
n/a, 10 books
The Editors of Time-Life Books, 10 books
Wallace, Robert, 9 books
Joyce Esersky Goldstein, 9 books
Editors of Time-Life Books, 9 books
Jonathan Norton Leonard, 8 books
Robert Wernick, 8 books
Time Life, 8 books
Douglas Botting, 8 books
Rafael Steinberg, 8 books
A. B. C. Whipple, 8 books

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