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Thoemmes Continuum Publisher - 795 works / 46 ebooks

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  • Cours de philosophie positive by Auguste Comte
    Read online
    System of positive polity by Auguste Comte
    Read online
    Matter and motion by James Clerk Maxwell
    Read online
    The works of William Paley .. by William Paley
    Read online
    Greek thinkers by Gomperz, Theodor
    Read online
    Populäre wissenschaftliche Vorträge by Hermann von Helmholtz
    Read online
    Educational psychology by Thorndike, Edward L.
    Read online
    History of philosophy by Thomas Stanley
    Dictionary of philosophy and psychology by James Mark Baldwin
    Read online
    A history of European thought in the nineteenth century by John Theodore Merz
    Read online
    Comte's philosophy of the sciences by Lewes, George Henry
    Read online
    Natural rights by David George Ritchie
    Read online

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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Ganesha Publishing, 32 books
James Fieser, 11 books
Morgen Witzel, 10 books
Richard Claverhouse Jebb, 10 books
James Beattie, 9 books
Robert Torrens, 8 books
J. R. McCulloch, 8 books
John Norris, 7 books
Nassau William Senior, 6 books
William Robertson, 6 books
William T. Harris, 5 books
John Locke, 5 books
Herbert Spencer, 4 books
Andrew Pyle, 4 books
James Mark Baldwin, 4 books
William Whewell, 4 books
Hermann von Helmholtz, 4 books
Samuel Alexander, 4 books
Henry Charlton Bastian, 4 books
Thomas Cooper, 4 books
Marie Stopes, 4 books
Emil Kraepelin, 4 books
George Grote, 4 books
Cannan, Edwin, 3 books
Henry Fawcett, 3 books


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