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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Suzannah Olivier, 6 books
Ken McClure, 5 books
Janet Woods, 4 books
The Medieval Murderers, 4 books
Bernard Knight, 4 books
Joe Bennett, 3 books
Jennie Walters, 3 books
Carol Rivers, 3 books
Karen Wallace, 3 books
Richard Poole, 3 books
Mara Bergman, 2 books
Jon Courtenay Grimwood, 2 books
Sean Smith, 2 books
Michael Sadler, 2 books
Louise Doughty, 2 books
Lydia Monks, 2 books
Nick Pope, 2 books
Jane Cabrera, 2 books
Sherry Ashworth, 2 books
Peter Thomson, 2 books
Keith Tutt, 2 books
David Schofield, 2 books
Mogens Tholstrup, 2 books
Sheila Keating, 2 books
Sarah Rayne, 2 books

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