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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Sams Publishing, 28 books
Greg M. Perry, 25 books
Laura Lemay, 22 books
Rogers Cadenhead, 22 books
Peter Norton, 18 books
Paul McFedries, 15 books
Rand Morimoto, 15 books
Stephen Walther, 14 books
Bill Ball, 13 books
John Ray, 13 books
Greg Perry, 12 books
Carla Rose, 11 books
Harry Mileaf, 10 books
Julie C. Meloni, 10 books
Steven Holzner, 10 books
Alison Balter, 10 books
Phillip Kerman, 9 books
Jesse Liberty, 9 books
Betsy Bruce, 8 books
Christoph Wille, 8 books
Galen Grimes, 8 books
Namir Clement Shammas, 8 books
Mordy Golding, 8 books
Ray, John, 8 books
Ben Forta, 8 books

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