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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Paul Kurtz, 41 books
Martin Gardner, 22 books
Robert M. Baird, 22 books
Stuart E. Rosenbaum, 20 books
Steve Allen, 15 books
Sidney Hook, 14 books
Joe Nickell, 13 books
Michael Ruse, 12 books
Isaac Asimov, 11 books
Victor J. Stenger, 11 books
Nicholas Capaldi, 10 books
John Money, 10 books
R. Joseph Hoffmann, 9 books
Antony Flew, 9 books
Patrick Riley, 8 books
Ibn Warraq., 8 books
John Stuart Mill, 7 books
Kendrick Frazier, 7 books
Frederick Elliston, 7 books
Mark Twain, 7 books
John Dewey, 7 books
Albert Ellis, 7 books
Robert Green Ingersoll, 7 books
Alfred S. Posamentier, 7 books
Richard T. Hull, 7 books

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