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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Princeton Architectural Press, 64 books
Princeton Arch Staff, 56 books
Ellen Lupton, 30 books
Princeton Architectural Press Staff, 28 books
Steven Holl, 22 books
Ezra Stoller, 11 books
Jonathan D. Solomon, 10 books
Stuart Bailey, 10 books
Architectural League of New York, 10 books
Olivia Cosneau, 10 books
Michael Bell, 9 books
Louise Fili, 8 books
Traer Scott, 8 books
Nicholas Blechman, 8 books
Steven Heller, 8 books
Jane Amidon, 8 books
Peter Bilak, 7 books
Patricia Geis, 7 books
Julie Decker, 7 books
Kimberly Elam, 6 books
Todd Gannon, 6 books
Emily Abruzzo, 6 books
Marianne Dubuc, 6 books
Paula Scher, 6 books
Akiko Busch, 5 books

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