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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
NA NA, 171 books
Office for National Statistics, 95 books
Barry Turner, 33 books
Graham Handley, 30 books
Philip Arestis, 29 books
Norman Page, 25 books
Chorafas, Dimitris N., 23 books
Mario Baldassarri, 22 books
Jo Campling, 21 books
Clive Bloom, 20 books
No name, 20 books
Erik Banks, 20 books
International Association of Universities., 19 books
Ivor H. Seeley, 19 books
Timothy M. Shaw, 19 books
Patrick Dunleavy, 18 books
William Shakespeare, 18 books
Stella Cottrell, 17 books
Stephanie Rybak, 17 books
Feminist Review Collective, 17 books
P. Arestis, 17 books
Craig E. Aronoff, 17 books
Gerry Stoker, 16 books
P.E. Gosling, 16 books
Peter J. Buckley, 16 books

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