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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Merehurst, 40 books
Gail Duff, 4 books
Lyn Rutherford, 4 books
David Hewson, 3 books
Mary Cadogan, 3 books
Derek Maitland, 2 books
Maxine Clark, 2 books
Moyra Fraser, 2 books
Joanna Sheen, 2 books
Carole Handslip, 2 books
Graham Strong, 2 books
Jane Campsie, 2 books
Jane Alford, 2 books
Frank Gardner, 2 books
Ann Carr, 2 books
Julie London, 2 books
Joanna Jones, 2 books
Anita Ruddell, 2 books
Clare Beaton, 2 books
Reg Fuller, 2 books
Tessa Codrington, 2 books
zzzzzzzzz, 2 books
Cherry Denman, 2 books
Dorothea Hall, 2 books
Cheryl Brown, 2 books

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