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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Printha Ellis, 62 books
Simon Greenall, 51 books
et al, 50 books
Mary Bowen, 47 books
Sagrario Salaberri, 42 books
M. Bowen, 36 books
Sue Kay, 36 books
Gabby Pritchard, 34 books
Angela Llanas, 34 books
Michael Vince, 29 books
Vaughan Jones, 29 books
David Vale, 29 books
Carol Read, 28 books
Myriam Monterrubio, 28 books
Julie Kniveton, 28 books
Amanda Cant, 27 books
C. Read, 26 books
Sue Finnie, 26 books
Judy Garton-Sprenger, 26 books
Louis Fidge, 25 books
Colin Granger, 25 books
Frances Lemarchand-Garden, 25 books
G. Pritchard, 24 books
Judith Bittinger, 23 books
L. Concari, 23 books

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