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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Alan Vardy, 13 books
John Belchem, 12 books
Katharine Eustace, 10 books
Ann L. Mackenzie, 10 books
P. G. Walsh, 9 books
Jonathan Harris, 9 books
Jane Davis, 8 books
Paul Smith, 7 books
Saint Bede the Venerable, 7 books
Muir, Kenneth., 7 books
Richard Price, 7 books
Dave Lyddon, 7 books
David Seed, 7 books
Abercrombie, Patrick Sir, 6 books
No name, 6 books
Raymond Davis, 6 books
Richard Kirkland, 5 books
Roger Seifert, 5 books
Ralph Hanna, 5 books
Carole Thornley, 5 books
Harris, Jonathan, 5 books
Vincent Newey, 4 books
Saint Gregorius, Bishop of Tours, 4 books
Terry Russell, 4 books
John Barron Mays, 4 books

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