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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Frank Lloyd Wright, 19 books
Hanley, James, 12 books
Corliss Lamont, 12 books
James Kern Feibleman, 11 books
Leonard Feather, 10 books
Irving Howe, 10 books
Herbert Edward Read, 9 books
Read, Herbert Edward Sir, 8 books
B. H. Haggin, 8 books
Olgivanna Lloyd Wright, 5 books
Parker Tyler, 5 books
Rosenberg, Harold, 5 books
Maxim Ethan Armbruster, 4 books
Nina Froud, 4 books
Henry James Jr., 4 books
Harold Rosenberg, 4 books
Nathan Lyons, 4 books
Jack London, 4 books
Stanley Burnshaw, 3 books
Evan Esar, 3 books
Cullinan, Thomas., 3 books
Willard Connely, 3 books
Charles Neider, 3 books
Edwin Denby, 3 books
Martin Buber, 3 books


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