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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Joy Cowley, 53 books
Margaret Mahy, 30 books
Rhodri Jones, 18 books
Michael Nelkon, 16 books
Ian Serraillier, 16 books
FIVEWAYS, 14 books
George Ciantar, 13 books
Monica Hughes, 12 books
Jane Shuter, 11 books
Ronald Hayman, 10 books
Ngugi wa Thiong'o, 10 books
Chinua Achebe, 9 books
L. Harwood Clarke, 9 books
Sue Finnie, 8 books
Scottish Primary Mathematics Group, 8 books
Jillian Cutting, 8 books
Maureen Gande, 8 books
A. Holderness, 8 books
Fiona Reynoldson, 8 books
Elechi Amadi, 7 books
Beryl Ruth, 7 books
J. C. Templer, 7 books
Leon Comber, 6 books
Cosmo Pieterse, 6 books
S M D P, 6 books

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