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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Kate Petty, 30 books
Lionel Bender, 25 books
Bright, Michael., 18 books
Denny Robson, 16 books
Terry Jennings, 14 books
Nigel Hawkes, 14 books
Tony Hare, 13 books
Kathryn Whyman, 13 books
Ronald G. Cave, 12 books
Graham, Ian, 12 books
Pete Sanders, 11 books
Henry Arthur Pluckrose, 9 books
Anita Ganeri, 8 books
Jane Walker, 8 books
Jill Hughes, 7 books
Clint Twist, 6 books
Pam Robson, 5 books
Steve Parker, 5 books
Bradley, John, 5 books
John Stidworthy, 5 books
Pete Sanders, 5 books
Anthony Hodge, 5 books
Mark Pettigrew, 4 books
Maurice Charles John Wilson, 4 books
Jen Green, 4 books


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