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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Theodore Clymer, 94 books
Peter Wright, 66 books
Sinclair MacLeod, 59 books
Jaap Tuinman, 46 books
Ruth Merttens, 34 books
Kathleen Doyle, 33 books
David Glover, 30 books
Rosemary Feasey, 29 books
George Albert Wentworth, 28 books
William Shakespeare, 27 books
Anna Cresswell, 26 books
John Stringer, 24 books
Anne Goldsworthy, 24 books
Roy Phipps, 24 books
David H. Russell, 24 books
Betty Root, 24 books
Anonymous, 23 books
Cecilia Obrist, 22 books
David Eugene Smith, 20 books
Individualized Science Instructional System, 20 books
George Wentworth, 17 books
Cliff Moon, 17 books
James Webster, 16 books
Helena Oakley, 16 books
Sister M. Marguerite, 16 books

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