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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Imbert, Hugues, 17 books
Arthur Pougin, 17 books
Albert Soubies, 11 books
Sabatier, Paul, 11 books
Henri de Curzon, 8 books
Maurice Kufferath, 8 books
Étienne Destranges, 7 books
Julien Tiersot, 6 books
André Pirro, 6 books
Wagner, Charles, 5 books
Albert Réville, 5 books
John Viénot, 5 books
Henri Sérouya, 5 books
Georges Cucuël, 5 books
M. Kufferath, 5 books
Maxime Vincent, 4 books
Vinet, Alexandre Rodolphe, 4 books
Henri Schoen, 4 books
Mauclair, Camille, 4 books
Henri Bois, 4 books
Paul Stapfer, 4 books
Léon Mention, 3 books
Richard Copley Christie, 3 books
Anne Durand, 3 books
Delaborde, Jules comte, 3 books


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