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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Augustin Calmet, 6 books
Michel Caffier, 6 books
Maurice Barrès, 5 books
Edmond de Dynter, 5 books
Guy Cabourdin, 5 books
François Roth, 4 books
E. Wetterlé, 4 books
Michel Parisse, 4 books
Ruth Putnam, 4 books
Pange, Maurice comte de, 4 books
Jean Vartier, 4 books
Richard Lioger, 4 books
Philippe Martin, 4 books
Serge Bonnet, 3 books
Paul Wentzcke, 3 books
Robert Parisot, 3 books
Meissner, Otto, 3 books
Rudolf August Justus Langenbeck, 3 books
N. Dorvaux, 3 books
Karl Josef Heidecker, 3 books
François Roth, 3 books
Camille Maire, 3 books
François Moulin, 3 books
Daniel Bontemps, 3 books
Jacques Legros, 2 books


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