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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Facts on File Inc, 69 books
Facts on File, 56 books
Various, 55 books
Lester A. Sobel, 54 books
Diagram Group., 52 books
Michael Allaby, 33 books
Carol Turkington, 29 books
Diagram Group, 28 books
Spangenburg, Ray, 27 books
Oliver Trager, 25 books
Irene M. Franck, 24 books
Fof, 24 books
Richard P. Zeldin, 23 books
Kyle Kirkland, 21 books
Lisa Yount, 20 books
Pam Walker, 19 books
Joseph A. Angelo, 17 books
Kurian, George Thomas., 17 books
Diane Lindsey Reeves, 17 books
Inc. Facts on File, 16 books
John Daintith, 16 books
Harry Henderson, 15 books
Shelly Field, 13 books
Facts on File, Inc., 11 books
Chris Cook, 11 books

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