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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Ronald R. Watson, 34 books
Wai-Kai Chen, 30 books
Laurie Kelly, 29 books
Howard I. Maibach, 26 books
Steven Strauss, 20 books
David R. Lide, 19 books
No name, 18 books
James A. Duke, 17 books
n/a, 17 books
Joseph Sherma, 17 books
Frank R. Spellman, 17 books
Raymond Bonnett, 16 books
Syed A. Ahson, 16 books
D. K. Salunkhe, 16 books
Allen I. Laskin, 15 books
Victor R. Preedy, 15 books
Sam Zhang, 14 books
Richard C. Dorf, 13 books
Krzysztof Iniewski, 13 books
Joseph D. Bronzino, 12 books
Jeanette G. Grasselli, 12 books
Michael Pecht, 12 books
Jerry C. Whitaker, 12 books
Ira Wolinsky, 12 books
David Pimentel, 12 books

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