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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Books Nippan, 56 books
Kyoichi Tsuzuki, 28 books
P I E Editorial, 13 books
Hironori Yasuda, 13 books
Shotenkenchiku-Sha, 12 books
Pie Books, 11 books
Rikuyo-Sha, 11 books
Yusaku Kamekura, 11 books
Nick Gould, 10 books
Graphic-Sha Publishing, 9 books
Elte Shuppan, 9 books
Editorial Staff, 8 books
Sumio Hasegawa, 6 books
Judy Martin, 5 books
Supon Design Group, 5 books
AIM Creative Products, 5 books
Wei Yew, 5 books
Kyoto Shoin, 5 books
Kamon Yoshimoto, 5 books
Shinzo Maeda, 5 books
Isao Yajima, 5 books
Editorial Staff Graphic-Sha, 5 books
Meisei Publications, 5 books
Pie Bukkusu (Firm), 5 books
Tokyo Art Directors Club, 5 books

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