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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Barnes & Noble, 23 books
William Shakespeare, 17 books
F. J. C. Hearnshaw, 16 books
Farmer, John Stephen, 14 books
George Wilson Knight, 13 books
E. M. W. Tillyard, 13 books
Charles Dickens, 13 books
Robert Greene, 11 books
Mark Twain, 11 books
Edgar Allan Poe, 11 books
Martin H. Greenberg, 10 books
Lindsay, Jack, 9 books
James, E. O., 9 books
Kaj Leo Nielsen, 9 books
Ramsay Muir, 8 books
Friedrich Nietzsche, 8 books
Jane Austen, 8 books
A. Robert Lee, 8 books
Arthur Conan Doyle, 8 books
Hugh Milton Miller, 8 books
Walther Kirchner, 7 books
Bennett, Clarence E., 7 books
H. G. Wells, 7 books
Stephen Ullmann, 7 books
Irving Ribner, 7 books

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