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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
PARKIN, 11 books
Michael Walker, 9 books
Lee J. Krajewski, 8 books
Koffman, 7 books
SMITH, 6 books
Mario Papa, 6 books
Keedy, 6 books
Young, 5 books
Apple Computer Inc., 5 books
WHEELEN, 5 books
Stanley A. Smith, 4 books
Griffin, 4 books
Harriet H. Kagiwada, 4 books
YOUNG, 4 books
"Abel", 4 books
WALKER, 4 books
DEMANA, 4 books
Walker, 3 books
ADAMS, 3 books
Hubbard, 3 books
Judith A. Beecher, 3 books
Nilsson, 3 books
Addison/Wesley, 3 books
Morse, 3 books
Cushing, 3 books


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