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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Matt Scheff, 14 books
Ross Davies, 12 books
Kenny Abdo, 12 books
DK Publishing, 11 books
Angie Peterson Kaelberer, 10 books
Mark Hatmaker, 8 books
Kevin Sullivan, 8 books
Ray F. Carson, 7 books
Brian Shields, 7 books
Greg Oliver, 7 books
Mick Foley, 6 books
Michael Payan, 6 books
Matt Hunter, 6 books
Dean Miller, 6 books
Scott Keith, 6 books
Jon Robinson, 6 books
Benjamin Proudfit, 6 books
Mike Chapman, 5 books
George Napolitano, 5 books
Jake Black, 5 books
Maki Minami, 5 books
Bill Gutman, 5 books
Eṃ Narasiṃhamūrti, 5 books
Tracey West, 5 books
Xavier Garza, 4 books


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