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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Dorling Kindersley Publishing Staff, 10 books
Mark Hatmaker, 8 books
Kevin Sullivan, 8 books
Matt Scheff, 8 books
Ray F. Carson, 7 books
Brian Shields, 6 books
Greg Oliver, 6 books
Jon Robinson, 6 books
Mike Chapman, 5 books
Mick Foley, 5 books
Matt Hunter, 5 books
Scott Keith, 5 books
Maki Minami, 5 books
Eṃ Narasiṃhamūrti, 5 books
Tracey West, 5 books
Xavier Garza, 4 books
Thompson Clayton, 4 books
Arnold William Umbach, 4 books
Thomas Ryan, 4 books
Julie Sampson, 4 books
Kristian Pope, 4 books
Larry Matysik, 4 books
Tim Hornbaker, 4 books
Bill Gutman, 4 books
Jason Brickweg, 4 books


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