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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
A. B. Frost, 3 books
Marge, 2 books
J. Charlebois, 2 books
Deyong Zhu, 2 books
Cynicus, 2 books
Percy L. Crosby, 1 book
Angel Antonio Mingote, 1 book
Valentín Castanys, 1 book
Gustave Doré, 1 book
Tom Connor, 1 book
Gillian Rhodes, 1 book
J. Bailey, 1 book
Oscar Berger, 1 book
Al Sarukhan, 1 book
Behiç Ak, 1 book
E. W. Kemble, 1 book
Richard Denison Taylor, 1 book
Hargreaves, Harry, 1 book
John Kendrick Bangs, 1 book
Henry Beard, 1 book
Smith, Bruce R., 1 book
Gavan Naden, 1 book
Charles Dana Gibson, 1 book
Hubertus Fischer, 1 book
PQ Publishing, 1 book


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