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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Dale E. Casper, 5 books
Miller, Donald, 4 books
Gert de Roo, 4 books
Gordon McGranahan, 3 books
United States. Office of Environmental Information, 3 books
Rodney R. White, 3 books
Jamel A. Akbar, 2 books
Luc Hens, 2 books
Bernd Hamm, 2 books
Gideon Golany, 2 books
W. de Lannoy, 2 books
A. N. Tetior, 2 books
Bobbie Kalman, 2 books
Newman, Peter Dr., 2 books
Dieter Schott, 2 books
David Satterthwaite, 2 books
Dimitri Devuyst, 2 books
Kelley Macaulay, 2 books
Ari Lainevuo, 2 books
Charles Surjadi, 2 books
Murray Bookchin, 2 books
Janet Brand, 2 books
Timothy Beatley, 2 books
Nicholas Low, 2 books
Hermann Grub, 2 books


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