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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Timothy Beatley, 6 books
Gert de Roo, 5 books
Miller, Donald, 4 books
David Satterthwaite, 4 books
United Nations Human Settlements Programme, 4 books
Robert Gottlieb, 3 books
Douglas, Ian, 3 books
Debra Efroymson, 3 books
P. S. Brandon, 3 books
A. N. Tetior, 3 books
Neil Morris, 3 books
Jason Corburn, 3 books
Anne Rademacher, 3 books
Ian Douglas, 3 books
Voula Mega, 3 books
Richard Gilbert, 3 books
Rusong Wang, 3 books
Mark Swilling, 3 books
Sally Morgan, 3 books
Matthew E. Kahn, 3 books
Rajib Shaw, 3 books
Lori Jones, 3 books
Herbert Girardet, 3 books
Richard Plunz, 3 books
Alan Bilsborough, 2 books


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