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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Martin Heidegger, 17 books
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, 16 books
James Beattie, 10 books
Thomas Aquinas, 10 books
William James, 6 books
Bertrand Russell, 6 books
Michael P. Lynch, 6 books
Paul Horwich, 6 books
John MacArthur, 6 books
Karl Jaspers, 6 books
Michel Foucault, 6 books
Cousin, Victor, 6 books
Daniel T. O'Hara, 6 books
R. M. Martin, 4 books
J. C. Beall, 4 books
Samuel Bailey, 4 books
Josh McDowell, 4 books
Richard Rorty, 4 books
Michael Dummett, 4 books
Adam Schaff, 4 books
Hans Urs von Balthasar, 4 books
Jonathan Barnes, 4 books
Marcel Detienne, 4 books
Gerald Vision, 4 books
F. H. Bradley, 4 books


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