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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Juliet Gardiner, 4 books
John Masefield, 2 books
Connie Monk, 2 books
Kenneth O. Morgan, 2 books
Peter G. Cooksley, 2 books
Dobbs, Michael, 2 books
Tim Clayton, 2 books
Angus Calder, 2 books
Michelle Cooper, 2 books
Judith Campbell, 2 books
Laura L. Sullivan, 2 books
Mary Soames, 2 books
Tony Sewell, 1 book
Philip Oakes, 1 book
Davis, John, 1 book
Lascelles, Alan Sir, 1 book
Nagy, Kázmér., 1 book
Barclay, Glen St. John, 1 book
T. E. B. Howarth, 1 book
Nancy Wake, 1 book
Luigi Barzini, 1 book
Erica Beal, 1 book
George Cecil Foster, 1 book
F. L. Lucas, 1 book
Jones, Madeline Dr., 1 book


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