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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Karl Barth, 24 books
Alister E. McGrath, 20 books
Thomas Aquinas, 15 books
Thomas Collier, 14 books
Philipp Melanchthon, 13 books
Karl Rahner, 11 books
Emil Brunner, 10 books
Friedrich Schleiermacher, 9 books
Adolf von Harnack, 9 books
Ramsey, Michael, 9 books
Mike Higton, 8 books
Wayne A. Grudem, 8 books
Théodore de Bèze, 8 books
T. F. Torrance, 8 books
Pannenberg, Wolfhart, 8 books
Thomas Beverley, 8 books
Buri, Fritz, 7 books
Congar, Yves, 7 books
Jürgen Moltmann, 7 books
Packer, J. I., 7 books
John Macquarrie, 7 books
Franz Overbeck, 7 books
John Parratt, 7 books
John Prideaux, 7 books
Berkhof, Louis, 7 books


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